One Evening in June

One Evening in June


Amy lives in her sister and mothers shadow as an unmarried young mother stuck in a low wage, dead end job and a relationship far from fairy tale. Whilst her mother Beth (Celia Imrie) dons a mask of sophisticated composer the reality of their hidden insecurities and jealousy will change her relationship with her daughter forever one late summers evening.

‘One Evening In June’ is a very personal piece about looking past the surface we present to others and understanding that despite appearances we all harbour our own unique pains and pressure that we strive to escape.


  • Filmed in one unbroken shot on Steadicam.
  • Due to an equipment failure on the day with the 3 axis gimbal that the film was intended to be shot on. Director Matt Stacey had to step in last minute to shoot the long unbroken shot on the Steadicam. He had rehearsed the shot as a back up with stand ins but never with the actresses.
  • In addition to a problem with the gimbal on the day, the RED Weapon camera the film was intended to be shot on also developed a glitch meaning the crew had to quickly rig the back up camera which was an Sony FS7
  • Because it was unsafe to leave the baby unattended in the pram for the entire length of the scene, the crew engineered a short window whether the camera moved away from the table so that the baby’s guardian could place her in the pram before moving back to the shot.
  • Director Matt Stacey was ill through the entire production with nausea and dizziness. As the production required him to operate the steadicam, he would shoot a take then hand the rig to the assistant before going to be sick and then resuming for another take.
  • Due to the tight budget, there weren’t enough lights to bring the light in the cottage up to match the strong sunlight outside. Director of Photography Siobhán therefore planned out the scene to be shot in the two hour window before sunset so that there wouldn’t be as bigger shift in exposure from the dark interior of the cottage to outside.
  • The graduation photo of Izzy seen on the wall by Amy at the beginning is actually Producer Becky and Director Matt’s sister in law. However her hair was darkened in photoshop so that she would look more like Ellie and Celia.
  • To dress the set Ellie and Celia provided real photos of themselves when they were younger.





Matt Stacey

Production Company:

Static Airwaves


Celia Imrie, Ellie Turner


Short Film