Good Morning Alice

Good Morning Alice


The interview begins. White walls, white table, an infinity of expressionlessness that gives nothing away. Alice, who knows appearances are everything, nervously begins answering questions before steering the interview in an unexpected direction.


  • Shot in one unbroken take.
  • ‘Good Morning Alice’ was shot only one week apart from Static Airwaves other short ‘One Evening in June.’ This was due to a schedule conflict meaning dates changed in order to secure Celia Imrie for ‘June’, but Director Matt Stacey also wanted to hold onto Sophie Winter for this film before she went on a theatre tour, so ‘One Evening In June’ was brought forward and ‘Good Morning Alice’ was pushed back by one week.
  • Magpies on the studios tin roof ruined takes and in the end had to be scared off by the producer.
  • ‘Good Morning Alice’ is Static Airwaves fifth short film shot in the companies fifth year.





Matt Stacey

Production Company:

Static Airwaves Ltd


Sophie Winter, Paul Croft


Short Film


indie film, self funded, short film, Sophie Winter, uk film