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We're a UK based production company providing professional, affordable and customised media production for businesses of all sizes.

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Music Video

Nothing raises a band’s profile more then a high quality music video. Whether you are a solo artist, local band, or signed to a label, Static can tailor make a video to suit your style and budget.

We are also able to offer filming services for recording live sessions in partnership with a number of Oxford based studios.

Web & Promos

One of the best ways to advertise your goods and services is through visual content. Static is able to work closely with you from idea generation to final delivery, whether your project aimed at consumers or part of Corporate Communications.

We pride ourselves on high quality production standards, and whether you are a big or a small business, we will tailor the final product to your needs and budget.

Event Filming

Whether it’s filming a lecture, exhibition, concert or festival, our production team can accommodate you. With access to specialised equipment such as Steadicams, we can capture your moment and make it truly unforgettable.


We offer Steadicam Services to other production houses through our highly qualified operator Matt Stacey. Steadicam can significantly raise your production standards and give your video that professional look.

We have an in-house Steadicam Zephyr which is perfect for systems like the Canon C300 and Sony F5, plus access to larger rigs to carry systems such as the Arri Alexa.

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